LP Western NH Annual Meeting

The Chair of LP Western NH has secured a location for the 2018 LP Western NH Annual Meeting to be held on August 11 from 10:00a-noon in the Roxbury Room of the Hannah Grimes Center (25 Roxbury, Keene).
An LP Candidate Meet and Greet will immediately follow the Annual Meeting. All Libertarian candidates, who are LPNH Members, who will be on the ballot in Cheshire County are asked to attend; and the public is encouraged to attend to meet the Libertarian candidates.

Per the LPWNH Bylaws:
Article VII, Section 1
B. Any party member attending an Annual Meeting who has been a member in good standing for at least 10 days may vote at such Meeting.
C. An Annual Meeting will be held for the purposes of:
a) nominating candidates for political offices wholly within the geographical limits of The Party, subject to ratification by LPNH;
b) electing officers of The Party as well as standing committee Chairs; and
c) considering amendments to the bylaws.
If you are not a current member of LP Western NH, you can join at http://lpwesternnh.org/join – membership is currently FREE!

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