Bylaws of the Libertarian Party of the Western New Hampshire

Formally adopted February 18, 2017
Amended August 12, 2017
Amended August 11, 2018

Article I: Name, Identity & Affiliation

Section 1: Name & Identity
The name of this organization shall be the Libertarian Party of the Western New Hampshire (LPWNH), hereinafter referred to as “the LPWNH” and “The Party.”
Section 2: Affiliation
The LPWNH is affiliated with the Libertarian Party of New Hampshire, hereinafter referred to as “LPNH.”

Article II: Principles, Object, Purpose, Scope and Duration

Section 1: Principles
The Statement of Principles of the national Libertarian Party, as adopted by the delegates assembled in convention, shall be the Statement of Principles of The Party.
Section 2: Object and Purpose
The object and purpose of the LPWNH is to engage in partisan and nonpartisan political activity within Cheshire County of New Hampshire. This includes but is not limited to: nominating candidates for partisan and nonpartisan public offices corresponding to electoral districts wholly or partially within Cheshire and Sullivan Counties; supporting and opposing ballot measures; providing support to candidates for statewide and local offices to increase personal, social and economic freedom; minimize the initiation of force against any individual or group of individuals; and fostering the growth of the Libertarian Party.
Section 3: Scope
The LPWNH is focused on engaging in political activities in Cheshire County and contiguous counties.
Section 4: Duration
The duration of The Party shall be perpetual.
Section 5: Amendment
Article II Section 1 of these bylaws shall not be amended unless by seven-eights (7/8) vote of all members at an Annual Meeting.

Article III: Membership

Section 1: Membership Eligibility

The members of The Party shall be those persons who:
a) have certified in writing that they oppose the initiation of force to achieve political or social goals,
b) are domiciled in Cheshire County,
c) believe in the above objectives, purposes and principles of the LPWNH,
d) have an active membership with LPNH.

Article IV: Duties of Officers

Section 1: Officers and General Duties
The officers of the LPWNH shall be a Chair, Vice-Chair, and Secretary. These collective officers shall be known as the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee shall take office immediately upon the close of the Annual Meeting and serve thereafter until the adjournment of the next Annual Meeting. Initial Officers elected at the Organizational Meeting and serve until the first Annual Meeting.

A. Chair
a) Take a leading role in determining the goals, direction, and plans for the LPWNH including acting as (or delegating this duty) the official spokesperson for The Party;
b) Ensure that the regular activities are conducted in a timely, responsible manner that brings credit to the LPWNH and will reasonably satisfy its members; and
c) Chair all meetings of the Board and the Annual Meeting.

B. Vice-Chair
a) Assist the Chair in their duties;
b) Assume the duties of the Chair in their absence or vacancy or at such times as the Chair so designates;
c) Act as the Chair of the Membership Committee and maintain the membership rolls of The Party; and performing the duties of the Secretary in absence of the Secretary.

C. Secretary
a) Record the official minutes of all Board meetings. These minutes must be submitted for review and approval at the following Board meeting or via email pursuant to the Board’s Special Rules of Order;
b) Regularly check for incoming correspondence, and make any mail received available to the Board at meetings; and
c) Maintain the master copy of these Bylaws and any Platform and incorporate into them any and all amendments made.

Section 2: Ballot Election and Term of Office
The Executive Committee officers shall be elected at the Annual Meeting of the membership, to serve for one year or until their successors are elected, and their term of office shall begin at the close of the Annual Meeting at which they were elected.
Section 3: Office Holding Limitations
No member shall hold more than one Executive Committee office at a time.
Section 4: Removal
Officers may be removed from office by a four-fifths vote of the Executive Committee.

Article V: Executive Committee

Section 1: Powers
The Executive Committee shall have such powers and duties as are prescribed in the bylaws. The Executive committee shall meet at such times and places prescribed by the bylaws. Notices shall be given in accordance with procedures as the Executive Committee may, by three-fifths (3/5) majority determine.
Section 2: Meeting Ability
The Executive Committee may, without meeting together, transact business by mail, telephone or verbally by voting on questions submitted to them by, or with the approval of, the Chair. Votes on any motion not made in person must remain active for 7 days, and not be closed before those 7 days. These votes must conform to all quorum requirements, lest they be invalid.
Section 3: Quorum
A quorum for a meeting of the Executive Committee shall be a majority of the Executive Committee. Except as otherwise provided in these Bylaws; a majority vote of those present at an Executive Committee meeting, shall rule.
Section 4: Qualifications
The officers of the LPWNH Executive Committee shall at all times maintain their dues paid to the LPNH, and shall not be members of any party with ballot access in the State of New Hampshire other than the LPNH or its affiliates.
Section 5: Vacancies
The Executive Committee shall have the power to fill vacancies by two-thirds (2/3) majority vote.

Article VI: Standing Committees

Section 1: Membership Committee
The Membership Committee will be a standing committee and shall be chaired by the Vice-Chair. Its membership shall be set by the Executive Committee and is open to any LPWNH member. The Membership Committee is responsible for maintenance of The Party membership list, and shall conduct periodic membership drives at least once per quarter.
It may meet and recommend to the Executive Committee that the membership of any individual be revoked if that member makes statements or takes actions which are contrary to the Statement of Principles. Such recommendation shall require a three-quarters (3/4) vote of the entire Membership Committee.
Section 2: Finance Committee
The Finance Committee will be a standing committee and shall be chaired by the Treasurer of the LPWNH. Its membership shall be set by the Executive Committee and is open to any LPWNH member. The Finance Committee shall develop the annual budget and submit it to the Executive Committee of the LPWNH for approval. The Finance Committee is responsible for fundraising and accounting for party funds.
Section 3: Ad-hoc Committees
The Chair shall have the authority to appoint ad-hoc committee chairs and members as s/he may deem necessary; subject only to Executive Committee three-fifths (3/5) veto. These committees will have the full force and effect of standing committees.

Article VII: Meetings

Section 1: Annual Meetings

A. The Party shall hold one Annual Meeting every year at a time and place chosen by the Executive Committee which shall provide notice to all members 30 days in advance, provided through multiple means including electronic mail, publishing on the official website, social networks and/or physical mail sent via USPS.
B. Any party member attending an Annual Meeting who has been a member in good standing for at least 10 days may vote at such Meeting.
C. An Annual Meeting will be held for the purposes of:

a) nominating candidates for political offices wholly within the geographical limits of The Party, subject to ratification by LPNH;
b) electing officers of The Party as well as standing committee Chairs; and
c) considering amendments to the bylaws.

Section 2: Special Meetings

A. A Special Meeting may be called when necessary by:

a) four-fifths (4/5) majority of the Executive Committee, or
b) by written request submitted to the Executive Committee by at least twenty percent (20%) of the members of LPWNH, but in no case fewer than 4 members.

B. Special meetings shall be held at least thirty (30) days and no more than ninety (90) days after
being called, as per the same notice requirements listed in Article VII Section 1.
C. A Special Meeting must be called with a specific purpose, and that purpose made public as part of the notice of the Special Meeting. No activities may occur at a Special Meeting other than those previously announced in the notice to members.

Section 3: Party Meetings
The LPWNH shall hold regular meetings to occur once per quarter at a time, date, and location within the geographic area of LPWNH as designated by the Executive Committee. A quorum for a meeting of The Party shall be a majority of the members present. A member must be present to vote.

Article VIII: Finances and Accounting

Section 1:
The fiscal term of The Party shall begin on January 1 and end December 31.
Section 2:
The Executive Committee shall cause an efficient double entry system of accounts to be installed and maintained.
Section 3:
Financial commitments of $100 or greater require the agreement of a majority of the Executive Committee
Section 4:
The Executive Committee shall have the power to designate the depository of all funds of The Party; and shall appoint such officers as its judgment may deem advisable, to deposit and withdraw funds from said depository. A withdrawal exceeding $100 requires the approval of the Chair plus one other Executive Committee member.

Article IX: Nominations and Elections

Section 1:
All nominations shall be made from the floor.
Section 2:
Where there is only one candidate for a public office, election may be by voice.
Section 3:
Where more than one candidate is nominated for a public office, election will be by written ballot. A majority of votes cast shall determine the nominee.
Section 4:
In the event of a tie, the Chair shall determine by lot which candidate shall be nominated or elected.

Article X: Parliamentary Authority

The rules of parliamentary procedure shall be established informally by custom or formally through adoption by the LPWNH Executive Committee.

Article XI: Standing Committees

Section 1:
The Executive Committee shall propose and a Convention may ratify such Standing Committees as may from time to time be required to fulfill the needs of The Party.
Section 2:
A Convention may elect Standing Committee Chairs and members.

Article XII: Conflict

In the event of any conflict or ambiguity of these bylaws, the Bylaws of the LPNH shall prevail.

Article XIII: Amendments to Bylaws

The bylaws of the Party may be amended by a two-third (2/3) majority vote of the members at any Annual Meeting or by vote of three-fourths (3/4) of the Executive Committee at any other time subject to ratification by a majority of members at the next Annual Meeting.

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